St Nicholas Collegiate Church Galway

Garden Fete

Some happy pictures from the Garden Fete - despite the wet, windy start we had a fantastic afternoon! Thanks to Everyone for all their hard work and to all of the lovely people who came to support us!

A Concert from New Zealand
The Welcome Desk

During the Summer months some of you will be aware that we again had a Welcome Desk in the church. This was manned by a team of volunteers, organised by Catherine Moore Temple, Rachel Carroll and Mary Liddy. They welcomed visitors to the church, distributed  information leaflets and generally answered questions for visitors and made them feel welcome.

This effort raised over €19,500—a wonderful effort, last year. At the end of the season all these volunteers were invited to a reception hosted by the Select Vestry when refreshments were enjoyed and then there was a chance to exchange feedback as to ways to improve the effort next year.

All those involved enjoyed their opportunity to engage with the tourists. So, perhaps you might consider giving a couple of hours if you can to this effort which presents the friendly face of the church and at the same time raises essential funds for the maintenance of the parish.

Thank you.